Monday, 5 September 2011

When your child tries to swim in the bath ....

She was trying out swimming in the bath
"Mum - there isn't enough water" she grumbled
New swimsuit, armbands and swimming lessons were purchased
She stood on the side of the pool
Looking so excited she could burst!
"At last - I get to go in the biggest bath in the world!" she declared
I'm looking forward to retreating to the viewing area to watch her splashing
"Come on Mum" said the instructor
"Mummys come in the water too - go and get your costume!"

It was the best fun I've had in years!
Like taming an octopus and trying to teach it to go in a direction it has no intention of going!

I say teach your children to swim parents
before they decide to jump in !


1 comment:

  1. Totally agree! One of the best and most rewarding activities you can teach a child. If you don't start early enough, there is a danger they will be frightened of the water when they're older. My husband is 61 and never learned to swim. It's a shame because when we stay at the hotel in Scotland (we go every October) it has a fabulous pool and he doesn't come in with us.

    CJ xx