Saturday, 3 September 2011

Number two is starting High School

 High School is looming for child number two - I swore when I was a teenager that I'd never number my children and I also swore I'd never go through a list of half uttered children's names before calling a child by the correct one like my mum did - but I admit  am guilty on both charges but I also swore I'd never want more than two children and now I have five!

 Sometimes in the middle of all the baby chaos and home school stuff my beautiful older girls fight to get a look in  - one came past rubbing the sleep from her eyes this morning moaning "blogging or home school -  Why don't you just put the kettle on mother!"

 So by way of mother's revenge and much to their embarrassment I'm going to post their picture on my blog and wish number two good luck for her first day at high school and number one a brilliant year.

 Two in school - two at home school and a baby  certainly makes for a different September!


  1. A busy September no doubt...! Best of luck to your beautiful daughter in her new school.

    CJ xx

  2. Thanks - she is getting a bit nervous but am sure she will be fine - just got to label all the school uniform mountain now !

  3. they are gorgeous. I love that you have a big family and home school - hats off to you!