I approached the reading of Soul to Soul Parenting- A Guide To Raising Spiritually Conscious Family from the viewpoint of having just taken two of my children out of a denominational Primary School to home educate them. Their spiritual development has become my sole responsibilty so I was hoping for some inspiration and ideas and I was not disappointed. The book provides some intriguing activities and routines which can be built into family life which help to develop in children the idea that they are part of a “bigger picture”. It is non denominational and one of its key themes is teaching children that diversity is part of the richness of human life and that we should respect the beliefs of others – a vital theme in our current world. The book is split into 15 themes accompanied by family activities and useful suggestions for books and films tie in with the theme. The themes can be interpreted in a way which suits your own family’s set of beliefs, whether you practise a traditional religion or a simply want to help your children become good global citizens
Soul to Soul Parenting is a useful book to have on your bookshelf – ideal to dip into when family life is becoming a bit of a “wade through mud” as it can do from time to time – it will help to remind parents and families to look outside of themselves and to focus on the positive aspects of their lives.
Soul to Soul Parenting is available on Amazon, in paperback

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