Monday, 17 October 2011

"Even God hates Wall Street"

"Even God hates Wall Street" - or so said a banner waved by a protestor in Times Square New York on Friday. I'm a bit of a news addict at the best of times - even found myself watching Russia Today when the one year old accidentally sat on the remote control. (The russian interpretation of the protests in New York agains global capitalism and banking greed was interesting to say the least) The news is always in the background in our house and can lead to some interesting questions. So the five year old asks me to explain why god hates Wall Street and I launch into a story about how it's not good to be greedy hoping to give a simple analogy - so she looks me in the eye and says - so does that mean God hates me because I ate all the chocolate biscuits .... and off I go again fishing for an answer......


  1. I do love the honesty and black and white view of 5 year olds!