Monday, 24 October 2011

Take one chocolate labrador and put her in the bath ....

Our one year old was wide eyed with intrigue as he watched our 3 year old chocolate labrador Lola being lifted in to the bath -  he couldn't work out why she was in there and looked a little bit concerned for his bath toys! Luckily labradors love water and Lola didn't mind at all as we lathered her coat with the gorgeous smelling Pet shampoo from Natural & Clean (I'd been sent this by the company after chatting to them on Twitter - they make a range of green products for cleaning home and pets)  Lola had been getting a bit smelly and we had run out of our usual dog shampoo so this  arrived just in time for her much needed bath. We don't bath Lola often as too much bathing can strip the natural oils from her coat but when we do we are very careful to use a quality product. The shampoo smelt gorgeous and the packaging was so posh it put our budget human shampoos on the bathroom shelf to shame!

               We soon had a very soapy dog but the shampoo was really easy to wash out.

 Lola was a very good dog loving the attention, then with her customary shake soaking everything and everyone Lola ran downstairs and found herself a spot near the patio doors to dry out. In the meantime I headed off to her dog basket which was also becoming a bit whiffy and gave her blanket a quick squirt with Natural & Clean Pet Spot and Odour eliminator - this too smelt fab and soon put a  stop to that little whiff of essence of dog.

The end result was a very happy dog smelling fresh as a daisy and with  a lovely shiny coat - who knew dog washing could be such fun ?!


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