Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thursday's Thought

I'm joining in with Pinkoddy and TheRealSuperMum with a fab new Meme Thursday thought
This is a chance to open a topic for discussion so join in air your opinions get something off your chest

My thought for today is - should the older generation and by that I  mean mostly retired people have a longer memory when it comes to young kids playing up in shops ( by playing up and I mean  anything from only a little bit of an "I want" to a full blown tantrum)
I am used to my kids being stared at in supermarkets if I take them in during a weekday as two are them are currently home educated BUT it really annoys me when I see mums being given steely looks by older shoppers when their little ones get a little overheated - surely they if they are parents themselves they can remember the terrible twos or the times kids who have had enough of shopping  want to go home decide to take a tactical approach to getting mum out of the store. Aren't we all guilty of keeping our kids shopping a bit too long sometime?
I'd also add it works both ways - I've seen younger shopper get really annoyed with the elderly shopper who takes a long time to load their shopping ... what do you think?

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  1. I can relate to the second part of your question. I do get a little irked at the older generation when they shuffle along the aisles on a weekend. I always say to my wife "Why don't they come in the week?".

    But then, on the flip-side and using your blog, should I think to the future about when I'm older and want to buy something? Would I want to be tutted at and have people rolling their eyes at me for taking my time.

    Your original point - YES! The older generation should remember what it was to be a parent (or child) in a shopping centre and be more patient and/ or understanding :)

  2. I think they've forgotten what it's like to have small kids. They may or may not have grandchildren, but I'm sure many don't remember the nitty gritty of how it is being a mother (or father).

    And their methods hark back to the days of a sharp smack which these days would probably get you arrested, and there's very little you can do with a screaming toddler except remove him/her from the shop which might not be very practical!

    Screaming toddlers don't do gentle chats.

  3. LOL You dont want to read my Rant in my blog about Old people in shopping markets then :p

    Seriously though, more often than not I get positive comments about how I handle our public meltdowns, and the ones that do tut just need to get out of my way and let me shop!!!

  4. I think it's people in general. Always judging others & can't think when something like that may have happened to them.

    Our high street is terrible for slow old people who want you to be patient with them but actually are in a hurry when trying to get by you and your slow moving toddler!