Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Why do home educating parents get no help with funding?

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What's everyones opinion on the fact that we don't send our children to school or we take out children out of school so the LEA saves a minimum of £3000 per year and far more at secondary level but we get no help at all with funding ? If money was available would the fact that getting funding from an LEA or direct from government mean contact with the "authorities" or providing proof that the money had been spent on the childs education put you off applying if it was available?
There was talk of giving parents a voucher which they could take to any school which represented the LEA spending for that pupil and parents would be free to top up if they wanted private ed etc. This has been put to oneside due to cuts but we are still saving the government thousands and yet paying taxes etc which fund education.
I think we should campaign for some of the money which would have been spent on our children if they were in school to be given either direct to parents or to a central elective home education body formed by home ed parents to distribute to families - I'll start a campaign if anyone is interested?

In answer to my question I pose another - is it because government and LEA's are afraid that more parents would chose home education as a lifestyle choice if funding was available ?

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Will free school funding extend to us?

Along with some other home ed mums I have been ruminating the idea of setting up a part time place where we can run educational activities along home education lines. Can you tell I'm finding it hard not to call this "thing " I want to establish a school ! So the research begins. In Berkshire there is a place called Heroes which runs flexi style education but with an emphasis upon its work involving children with animals. Do I look at starting a social enterprise - heaven knows I could do with earning some money - or do I look at forming a charitable trust. I wonder if Michael Goves Free school funding would help  - or is this too establishment. I defy the mum who said that I'll never get enough home edders together to make anything like this  work as it would be like " herding cats"
I love a challenge so more to follow

A flash back through seven months of Home education

This is a quick run through of just some of the activities and learning experiences we have had during our first seven months of home education. It's great to look back at some of the best bits ( in no particular order!)

Making our own t shirts!

Turning our old clothes into rag rugs

Learning to create animations

Five year olds love using drawing software as much as pens and paper

Learning about space travel and watching the last ever space shuttle take off

Making good use of our recycled materials