Saturday, 9 July 2011

Will free school funding extend to us?

Along with some other home ed mums I have been ruminating the idea of setting up a part time place where we can run educational activities along home education lines. Can you tell I'm finding it hard not to call this "thing " I want to establish a school ! So the research begins. In Berkshire there is a place called Heroes which runs flexi style education but with an emphasis upon its work involving children with animals. Do I look at starting a social enterprise - heaven knows I could do with earning some money - or do I look at forming a charitable trust. I wonder if Michael Goves Free school funding would help  - or is this too establishment. I defy the mum who said that I'll never get enough home edders together to make anything like this  work as it would be like " herding cats"
I love a challenge so more to follow

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