Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Local meets for Kirklees and neighbouring areas home education families

New local meets for home ed families...contact me enstockc@gmail.com
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or leave a post for more details

We are the proud owners of a mortgage free property

We have just got ourselves a second house .. a lovely residence in need of some updating but with great potential ... bought at auction for a mere 10 pounds. No mortgage but we won‘t be moving in any time soon.Its a fab new home ed project for me and liv ...  follow our progress over the next few weeks

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The great garden project

We‘ve all had a hand in stripping the old turf and digging out tree roots ...should have called in Time Team but all we found was bits of old tiles. Hoping at least one of the kids will take to gardening.Turfing next week thanks to the sterling efforts of dh and his parents (I supplied the tea!)

Teaching your five year old to blog can have it's hazards!

Have been a truly lazy blogger over the summer holidays - due to the fact we decided to returf and rennovate the whole of our back garden.. aiming to sell the house when the market picks up ! I haven't checked in for so long I hadn't noticed that my five year old has added a video (see last post) to my blog instead of her own. I suppose it's my fault really for creating a child who blogs at bedtime via my android phone instead of sleeping ! At least her home ed IT are up to scratch !!