Tuesday, 25 October 2011

For every parent of a teenager

My eldest daughter is 13 years old and don't we know it at times -  like any thirteen year old girl she can be moody and aggravating but also funny, loving and amazingly talented. She decided she wanted to learn to play the piano so armed with a book and a keyboard  from ebay she taught herself to play. She can now play like this. Her grandparents were so amazed they bought her a piano. I don't know how she does it!

P.S That is not a tattoo on her arm but another 13 year old annoying habit - doodling on hands and arms
Her latest project is teaching herself to write in Japanese

She can also draw like this:

So to every parent of a teenager:
When they are annoying you, frustating you, being rude to you, insisting they are right and you are wrong - take a deep breath - smile and focus on all the amazing things they can do - you helped them become the person they are and one day you will be truly proud.


  1. I'm almost a parent of a teenager & at times I have to remind myself to focus on the positives!
    Your Daughter is very talented.

  2. Bravo! what talent! Loved the picture too!

  3. You must be so proud! (I still doodle on my hands and I'm 44!)
    Thanks for joining in with the love Mummy Blogs Showcase last week :)

  4. I love her artwork! She sounds like a very special young lady.