Sunday, 18 September 2011

Save the Children Petition

I've broken the silence of Silent Sunday to join in with the parent bloggers who want to draw attention to the Save the Children campaign to prevent children dying because there aren't enough trained  health workers to adminster vaccinations

My health professional of note was my midwife Jane who looked after me during all five of my pregnancies - she was always reassuring and went the extra mile popping up on to the ward after I had my babies to say hello to the new arrival. Community midwives are rushed off their feet these days but Jane was the utimate professional

Sign the petition here


  1. Community midwives work so hard don't they, so glad you had a lovely one to help you through your pregnancies :)

  2. how lovely to have the same midwife through all your babies - community midwives truely are heros, wouldn't it be great across the world everyone had such access - thanks for taking part

  3. What fantastic continuity of care! That must've been so reassuring. I had different midwives for all four of mine but they were all marvellous! Thank you so much for joining in.