Saturday, 3 September 2011

I'm one year old and I'm awake so you will be too!

I don't care that it's 6.30 a.m and everyone in the house wants to sleep
Sleep is for the weak and I want to play
I'll wake you by any means necessary - even the hair pull manoeuvre isn't off  bounds
So what if even the dog looks annoyed at being woken at this early hour!

I want my books and my toys and I want a person to play with
No you can't just put the kettle on before we begin
because I have the utlimate weapon
a scream so loud it will wake the whole street if mum delays play!

I'll play ever so quietly for an hour or so and then I'll want toast
and just when the others want breakfast and tea
I'll roll on the floor crying because I'M tired and I want to go back to bed

We love Saturday mornings in our house!


  1. What a lovely thing to write! Makes me feel tired though. When my youngest tended to go back to sleep clasping me round the neck firmly, so I'd doze and have bad dreams until morning! she still does occasionally.

  2. I find though if ever I do get a night without a child sleeping next to me I can't sleep !!

  3. He he, I have vague memories of trying, with bleary eyes, to change batteries in toys that had stopped working when I wasn't even really working myself yet. Lovely post :D

  4. Lovely post and oh so true! Just popped over from Love New Blogs x