Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Neighbourhood Watch !!

Is the concept of being a good neighbour dead and buried in Britain 2011?
There is about as much chance of me becoming the Pope as there is David Camerons big society becoming a reality if the experience on  my road is anything to go by. Last night there was a knock at my door - it was a Police Community Support Officer who had been summoned by the "Man with a Van" to have a word with us because we had asked politely for them not to block us in.  After an inital questioning she quickly came to the realisation that we had one car and one driver in our house - me .The neighbours have three cars a big van and a motorbike !!  and that we had indeed done nothing more than ask politely more than once.She went on to suggest that I didn't use my drive but parked on the road - when I said  I thought it might antagonise the neighbour she said - "f you were there first then it's tough!" She also said the PCSO would come and ask him to move if he blocked me in but we were not to ask - as asking again could mean they could accuse us of harrassing them over parking !!!
I was brought up to believe that neighbours should look out for each other and strive to create a harmonious place to live - is our society so broken we can't even listen to each other without a lady in uniform arriving on the doorstep?

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  1. Hi Caroline
    I know exactly how you feel we have it with our neighbours they park at the bottom of a turning circle blocking the only drive on the circle which is ours!! We were told to learn how to drive better along with other language and threats infront of our kids. Got police out & they werent bothered this as been going on over 2yrs.Its not nice but at least we know our children and ourselves were brought up not dragged up.
    Take care