Friday, 2 September 2011

Ever wanted to lay down on the grass and do roly polys?

Our summer garden makeover (well part of the garden anyway!) is officially finished - new fence in place, scrubland style lawn stripped and replaced with new turf - it looks so lovely I feel the urge to lay down and roly poly all the way across whenever I look out the window! All the kids, my DH and the parents in law helped with the project so we feel very pleased with our efforts - now there is just the small matter of keeping a one year boy and a lively chocolate labrador off the grass for a month whilst the roots take hold !
 Isn't also  true to that when you make one part look presentable in either home or garden all the scruffy bits remaining suddenly look even worse !

Gran gives the ground a good water !

Finest Yorkshire Turf!

Just like laying carpet !

Looking lovely !

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