Friday, 6 May 2011

The change in them is amazing!

 On a Friday we usually drop DS2 off at school then do a quick supermarket run on our way back home - we've got very petrol conscious lately and try to shop on the way to or back from somewhere else. As I watched Jack  helping Liv find the flour for the baking we are doing this afternoon I realised how much their relationship had changed in the time they have been home schooled. As all brothers and sisters they used to bicker and argue sometimes but more than anything they wouldn't really do many things together - now they seem to operate as a team helping each other out, coming up with ideas for what they want to find out about or scheming to persuade me to provide something or other for one of their projects. If they gain nothing else from home education I know they are now very close and I am hoping that they will stay that way  as they grow up.

We always do a creative activity on a Friday and today we are trying out Modge Podge - an acrylic medium which can be used as a glue for decoupage etc but we are using it to transfer some inkjet printed images onto white tshirts. It's really easy -
  •  Print out your image and cut to size if needed
  •  Coat the space on the tshirt with modge podge where you want the image to go.
  • Place the image print side down on the modgepodged area and smooth down
  • Coat the back of the image with a few layers of modge podge
  • Wait a couple of hours then wet the back of the paper and start to rub - the paper will rub away revealing your image on the t shirt
          Pictures to follow of our finished t shirts - off to bake now  - have a great weekend !


  1. I've got to try that! Sounds so simple. Where do you buy your Modge Podge from?

  2. Just realised its called MOD podge - I've been happily modging and podging ! I bought it from ebay
    Seller qdsupplies has it for about £6.99 but it goes a really long way