Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What's your educational philosophy - in other words - why the heck are you doing this when a school could do it for you ?

So what's my educational philosophy - or as the title to this post says - why the heck are you doing this when a school could do it for you ?

 Any home educator could probably fill an entire blog with their thoughts on education but I'll try and break it down simply our reasons for taking our children out of school.

  • State schools have become difficult places to be for a lot of children - teachers are for the most part doing a fantastic job with one hand tied behind their back. Resources are stretched classes are large and teachers spend an awful lot of time acting as a surrogate parent trying to teach children life and social skills before they can get any actual teaching done. Private education is a compete economic no-no for us.
  • The curriculum is hugely prescriptive and really important areas of learning such as art music and practical craft skills can be neglected - aside from churning out the obligatory cards and calendars at Christmas - a task  so dreaded by teachers up and down the country that when it is carried out it becomes like a production line in  a factory in the far east than a fun activity in a UK classroom!
  • Behaviour is a biggie for us - when it became apparent just how different other children's families expectations of behaviour were -  a chasm which became apparent time and time again -  we had to take some decisive action - name calling and pushing  is not normal behaviour in our house and home educating allows us to bring our children up to respect others and to be respected.
  • Home schooling allows us to learn as a family and we can follow the children's interests and talents whilst ensuring they still have a strong grounding in numeracy literacy scientific knowledge etc etc (more of our homegrown curriculum v the national curriculum  to follow in future posts)

Home School Card - a joint effort  - fun to do not tiresome task to be completed as quickly as possible :)

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