Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Panic not - the resources are all around you

One of the questions I seemed to get most often since announcing we are home edding is "Do you get any help with costs?" and people seem genuinely suprised when  they are told no - the cost of home education falls squarely on the shoulders of the parent. Thank heavens for the internet -  I can remember when computers were first starting to be introduced into schools and as a teacher we did NGFL - National Grid For Learning training  - the possibilities for me seemed endless and given that we now even have online high schools here in the UK the possibilities remain limitless. If you are looking for a starting point for online learning activities try this site - what I love about this site and I referred to it often when last teaching in school is that the children themselves have had input into creating the site - all of these activities work and are fun - it might not be the most attractively presented site but it will lead you to some great learning resources.

Also worth a look for is this site packed full of primary age  activities - I like the washing line game for ordering numbers and the sweet shop activity is great for recognising and using money.

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