Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fun morning explaining AV to my home ed pair !

So the NO campaign thinks that the AV system is too complicated for the majority of the UK population to understand - well this morning my 5 and 8 year old cottoned on really quickly!!
 Our impromptu morning on politics all started when Olivia and Jack started counting the number of Labour and Conservative campaign posters attached to lamposts as we drove back from dropping DS2 at school. Jack even spotted that the Conservative posters where it what he described as " where the big houses are "! This has led to us looking at the Houses of Parliament online and talking about the different political parties. I'm a total news addict and am always ranting and raving about the colalition so I wasn't entirely suprised when Liv told me that David Cameron was Prime Minister but a little suprised and delighted when she declared that he was " pretending to be friends with Nick Clegg !!"
  Somehow or other we drifted to the subject of Winston Churchill and Hitler - turns out Jack had been watching a Horrible Histories dvd about World War 2 before bed last night and we talked about Osama Bin Laden as they had seen the news reports about his "demise" this morning.  This is what I love about Home education - the  topics we've discussed and investigated would probably have never cropped up at school and this morning proves to me that my two really are learning through living.

 Never mind the alternative vote - I just want my breakfast!


  1. My son asked me whether I fully understood the AV system after I told him I was off to vote for it. I don't think I really convinced him, as I don't know quite how it would affect tactical voting. I was clear though that my vote has never actually counted in each of the general elections of my adult life so far. I have always lived in safe seats, so have voted tactically instead.

    He told me to go and vote quickly in case I got run over by a bus later in the day! My vote could be the one which made all the difference. So he understands the concept of a referendum, just 2 choices and a countrywide counting, without even any discussion of that mechanism.

  2. I love the way kids see things so clearly when adults trying to explain something simple often makes things too complicated - I love the way home ed gives time to talk about so many different areas of life that we wouldn't get time to talk about otherwise - I got duly grilled about how I had voted by my two - they seemed ok with my yes to AV and vote for the green party - admittedly a partly tactical vote for the greens :)