Monday, 20 June 2011

mobile blogging

An experiment in mobile blogging on a tiny android keyboard...hopefully if this works I can get back to the blog more often
Had a brief break from posting due to a scary brush with the breast clinic - happily all resolved now
So todays activities in our home school - we started off with some literacy and numeracy ds worked from Galore Park maths and dd from some key stage one based phonics work - sometimes they seem to feel the need to work from books and record on paper and yet other days it's all talk and doing. Then we got on to the fun stuff.

Just rushed to the computer to see if the mobile posting had really worked and that you could actually read the thing - my wpm on a diddy android keyboard are truly pitiful even though I have little fingers ; so back to today's "fun stuff"
Ds and Dd wanted to learn to do basic animation so after loading linux on our computers we discovered a free programme called Pencil which is simple enough for Ds on his own and Dd with me helping to animate their drawings - an afternoon was  quickly spent engrossed and by the time it was time to pick up their sister dd had produced a small animation of a garden with a moving butterfly and trees - I can see lots more hours going into learning more of this. I was already pretty proud that my 5 year old can email at will and download to the hard drive then find what she has downloaded but I think we are quickly moving onto a whole new level here. When I worked with  a deaf child  I used tons of ICT and resources online to boost his language development so this is just a continuation of the a way of learning I have long advocated even for the youngest children.
Early evening we planted out different types of lettuce and cabbages in the garden which have been kindly donated by a neighbour - the £1 tomato growing kit has now turned into a huge amount of tomato plants which we'll be repotting tomorrow  and we picked some redcurrants from the garden which we'll be using to make redcurrant muffins tomorrow - it's going to be another busy week.

A £1 tomato plant bargain kit



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